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    What goes on at those TLA sessions anyway?

    One of the drawbacks when you are located next to a main intersection is cars are continually driving by the train like an athlete studio (TLA is also the micro footie office). Some of the cheeky ones roll down their windows and say ” hey Crossfit doesn’t use soccer balls!”

    “That’s cause we ain’t crossfit!”

    Every afternoon and weekend semi private and private training sessions for the soccer player take place at our wee boutique studio (+micro footie office) called Train like an Athlete on 3282 East First Ave.

    Complimenting Micro Footie – Train like an Athlete is the only company in BC that offers focussed semi private or private athletic conditioning for soccer players.

    The goal is simple: develop soccer players into athletes.

    The Celtic coaches have received it, Canadian National, HPL, Metro and developing players have received it, Whitecaps Youth have received it.

    The reaction is always the same…..

    Check out this video or our sibling site @ TLA  for more info: trainlikeanathlete.ca

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